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Protect Your Cremation Urn with a Sturdy Cremation Urn Vault 2023

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the process of laying them to rest can be overwhelming. One of the decisions that you may need to make is how to protect your loved one’s remains. This is where urn vaults come in. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of urn vaults, the different types available, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is an Urn Vault?

An urn vault, also known as a cremation urn vault or burial vault, is a sturdy container designed to hold an urn for ground burial. Urn vaults are designed to protect your cremation urn from the weight of the earth and heavy cemetery maintenance equipment. They provide a secure final resting place for your loved one’s ashes.

Urn vaults are made of durable, non-biodegradable materials such as concrete, steel, fiberglass or high-impact plastic. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. An urn vault helps prevent the urn from being crushed or damaged during burial and protects the urn from the elements. Many cemeteries require the use of an urn vault during interment. 


Urn vaults provide peace of mind that your loved one’s remains are protected. They give you assurance that the urn and its contents are kept safe from damage. An urn vault is a respectful final barrier between the urn and the earth. It prevents the ground from caving in around the urn during burial. 

An urn vault is preferred if you plan to bury a wood urn or other less durable cremation urn. Softer urn materials decay over time and collapse under stress. An urn vault supports the urn and shields it from deterioration. It also prevents the urn from becoming misshapen in the burial site.

Check with your cemetery about their urn vault requirements. Urns are often required to be placed inside a vault before burial. Your funeral home can also advise you on whether an urn vault will be needed based on the urn you have selected.  An urn vault provides protection, ensuring your loved one’s cremated remains are undisturbed at their final resting place.

Buying an urn vault for burial is a way to safeguard a cremation urn underground. Some cemeteries require the use of burial urn vaults or containers to prevent the ground from settling or caving in. Urn vaults protect the urn from the weight of the soil and heavy cemetery maintenance equipment like backhoes. They provide permanent protection for your loved one’s cremated remains.

An urn vault is a sturdy receptacle designed to fully surround and protect an urn during ground burial. Fortress urn vaults and other protective urn vaults are made of enduring materials like concrete, steel and high-density plastics that won’t deteriorate over time underground. They shield the urn from moisture, impacts and compression to prevent damage. 

Families choose an urn vault to safeguard a cherished memento like a wooden urn, personalized urn or decorative urn. Without an urn vault, softer urn materials will decay, risking collapse of the urn. Urn vaults provide structural support and shielding from the elements so an urn can remain whole and undisturbed indefinitely. 

Cemeteries often require the use of urn vaults or burial containers for interment. This helps prevent the ground from settling and minimizes maintenance. Urn vaults stabilize the soil and ensure the burial site remains level. They also make it easier to locate burial sites for future interments.

Many funeral homes ,crematories sell urn vaults or can order one to match the urn you have chosen. Urns and urn vaults come in a variety of styles, sizes, materials and price points. An urn vault adds to the final cost of burial but provides security and peace of mind that your loved one’s cremated remains are protected at their grave site.

An urn vault is a safe and respectful final barrier between an urn and the earth. It is a way to protect your cherished memorial and the remains it holds. You spend your lifetime caring for your loved one, an urn vault helps ensure their remains are undisturbed for perpetuity.  It brings comfort knowing their cremated remains are shielded and secure in their eternal resting place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a burial vault?

An urn vault is a sturdy and secure container for cremation urns used during an urn burial. It offers additional protection and preserves the cremated remains for a long period. The primary function of the urn vault is to keep the surrounding earth from collapsing on the cremation urn in the ground. The weight of the earth sealed over the burial site can quickly cause the soil to shift and collapse on the treasure that lies beneath it. An urn burial vault, along with the outer burial container, prevents the earth from crushing the urn, thereby safeguarding the remains from any harm. Cremation urn vaults are made of high-quality materials like metals, woods, and plastics, and they come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit the individual’s personal preference.

Can I Bury a Cremation Urn Without an Urn Vault?

You can bury a cremation urn without an urn vault, but it is not recommended. The ground can shift and settle, which can damage the urn and cause it to sink. An urn vault is designed to prevent this from happening.

Are there burial vault alternatives?

Yes, there are alternative options to burial vaults. One alternative is cremation, which involves placing the cremated remains in an urn rather than a burial vault. There are many different types of urns available, ranging from simple wood or metal options to ornate cultured marble designs. Another option is an urn vault, which is essentially a smaller version of a burial vault designed to protect the urn from the weight of the earth. This type of urn vault can be a good choice for those who want the protection of a burial vault without the need for a larger, more expensive option. Ultimately, the choice between a burial vault, urn, or urn vault depends on personal preferences and individual circumstances.

What do you recommend for burials?

Our recommends that families consider using an urn for their loved one’s remains, even if they plan to bury them. By placing the cremated remains in an urn, families can still have a physical representation of their loved one and something to display in their home if they wish. We also suggests using a cultured marble urn, which is a durable and elegant option for burial. To further protect the urn and ensure the burial site remains undisturbed,  We recommend using an urn vault. Finally, families can add a personal touch by choosing to engrave the urn with their loved one’s name, dates, or a special message. Overall, We believe that families should have the option to choose how they want to memorialize their loved ones, and they offer a variety of products and services to make that process easier.

Do I Need to Use a Separate Urn Vault?

If you plan to bury the urn in a cemetery, it is recommended that you use a separate urn vault. This provides an extra layer of protection for the urn and prevents damage from cemetery equipment.

Can I Use My Own Urn Instead of an Urn Vault?

You can use your own urn instead of an urn vault, but it is not recommended. Urns are not designed to withstand the weight of the earth and cemetery equipment. Using an urn vault provides an additional level of protection.

What are the Interior Dimensions of an Urn Vault?

The interior dimensions of an urn vault can vary depending on the type and size of the urn. It is important to measure your urn to ensure that it will fit inside the vault.

What is a Cremation Urn Vault?

A cremation urn vault is a lined and sealed receptacle designed to protect an urn in a memorial after it has been buried. When someone passes away and their plan is to bury their ashes, many cemeteries require the usage of an urn vault. This is because an urn alone may not be able to withstand the elements and prevent the ground from sinking. The design of the cremation urn vault ensures that an urn is kept secure and protected. The material used to make an urn vault can vary, although they are typically made of concrete or fiberglass. Although a wood urn is beautiful, it is not recommended for burial, as it may rot over time. Overall, a cremation urn vault is an important and necessary addition to any cemetery burial plan, as it provides an extra layer of protection for the urn and the remains of the one who has passed away.

Types of Cremation Urn Vaults

Urns vaults are made from various materials, including plastic, polymer, cultured marble, and fiberglass. The type of urn vault you choose will depend on your preferences and budget. Here are some of the most common types of urn vaults:

Polymer Urn Vaults

Polymer urn vaults are affordable and offer a high level of protection. They are made of a compact polymer material that is designed to protect the urn from the elements. They are also lightweight and easy to transport.

Cultured Marble Urn Vaults

Cultured marble urn vaults are made of a blend of marble dust and resin. They are more expensive than polymer vaults but offer a more elegant look. They are also more robust and heavier.

Fiberglass Urn Vaults

Fiberglass urn vaults are made of a superior grade of fiberglass, making them stronger than other types of vaults. They are also more expensive than polymer vaults and offer a higher level of protection. They are ideal for those who want a durable and long-lasting option.

Fortress Urn Vaults

Fortress urn vaults are designed to provide the highest level of protection. They are made of high-impact plastic and are lined and sealed to protect the contents from the elements. They also come with a name plate that can be engraved with your loved one’s name and other details.

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