Titan Seagrass | Wicker Casket made from Willow with Seagrass


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It is a federal law that funeral homes must accept your caskets bought online without charging you any additional costs! This reduces your funeral costs by up to 80%.

Bangladeshi-made. Fair Trade certification.

The Titan Seagrass casket is handcrafted mostly from willow, with elegant seagrass rope braided into the willow for added design interest. The attractive, yet simple form is completed by a gently rounded top on this robust coffin. Each casket is entirely lined with natural, unbleached-fitting cotton and comes with a matching pillow and privacy screen. Rather than being taken from sensitive coastal environments, the seagrass used to build this casket is grown in rice paddy-like fields that are annually flooded to sustain the maturing seagrass plant.

The willow utilized is the same environmentally friendly willow that was used on our Titan Willow coffin. When buried directly in the ground (without a grave liner or vault), this coffin will gradually decompose over time. Our Seagrass Casket can also be used as a cremation urn. The flowers are not included. It is delivered completely assembled.

The Titan Seagrass casket is handwoven in rural Bangladesh by talented weavers. This region of the world has been economically challenged, and our plant provides much-needed jobs and opportunities.

Sustainability These eco-friendly wicker funeral goods allow families to memorialize a loved one after their death while leaving a minimal environmental footprint. We believe that having the option for a greener end-of-life ceremony is crucial, especially if a person valued sustainability throughout their life.

Whether a family decides to bury or cremate a loved one, our caskets and carriers are both respectful and environmentally friendly. If cremation is preferred, our biodegradable urns provide a number of options for rituals that return the cremated remains to the soil.

The lovely and exquisite Seagrass Casket is Fair Trade certified. This casket’s production adheres to strict standards. Encourages workers to speak up. Continues to be committed to environmentally beneficial methods.

Visit Traidcraft and Fair Trade USA for more information about Fair Trade. Why should you buy from Titan Casket? Purchase straight from the manufacturer to save money. Use the FTC’s Funeral Rule to ship to your preferred funeral home and save up to 50% off the cost of a casket. Fair Trade certified.

The lovely and exquisite Seagrass Casket is Fair Trade certified. Service that can be relied on and is of excellent quality. We are your funeral home’s friend, and we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Shell: Willow Plant

Country of Origin Bangladesh

Inside 77″L x 24″W x 13″H
Outside 82″L x 27″W x 14″H
Inside 69”L x 20”W x 13”H
Outside 77”L x 23”W x 14”H

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