Pet Casket Elegance Series


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Send your pet across the rainbow bridge in dignity, respect, love, and safety. Protect your cherished pet once it has been buried. Provide a calm service in appreciation for all the love your pet has given you. With us, you may create a monument that is long-lasting, secure, and trustworthy. Your pet is deserving of it.

Our pets are family, and burying their ashes in a plastic bag or a hole in the ground does not sufficiently honor or protect their remains. Our NON-Biodegradable Casket for Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets has a silk/satin lining, laced pillow, coverlet, and luxurious satin mattress. We make certain that your pet is placed to rest in a comfortable, dignified, and fitting manner. The caskets are NON-BIODEGRADABLE, AIR-TIGHT, and WATER-TIGHT.

Keep away from scavengers and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.

STRONG, SECURE, AND LONG-LASTING. This isn’t regular plastic; it won’t crack, bend, or break during or after burial. Make sure the safety of your pet’s resting place. Appropriate for your family’s dog, cat, or other animals.

  • For sealing and protection, the outside shell is comprised of two pieces of high-impact polystyrene material..
  • Respectfully luxurious- soft, smooth, and without any defects.
  • Each casket comes with silk/satin lining, laced pillow, coverlet, and soft mattress.
  • Each casket comes with double-sided adhesive for long-term sealing.
  • It is not necessary for vaultingWhy NON-Biodegradable?

    Biodegradable caskets, contrary to popular thinking, are not safe. They expose our dogs to scavengers. Toxins in most euthanasia anesthetics are toxic to other pets and scavengers. It is not safe to keep them on the ground. Pet caskets that are affordable and low-cost. Our pets are family, and burying their ashes in a plastic bag or a hole in the ground does not sufficiently honor or protect their remains.

    Size Guide


    • Inside Dimensions  : 18″ x 10″ x 8″,
    • Outside Dimensions: 21″ x 13″ x 8.5″
    • Suggested Pet Weight: 40 lbs.


    • Inside Dimensions: 24″ x 12″ x 8″,
    • Outside Dimensions: 27″ x 15″ x 9″
    • Suggested Pet Weight: 65 lbs.


    • Inside Dimensions: 32″ x 16″ x 11″,
    • Outside Dimensions: 36″ x 21″ x 12″
    • Suggested Pet Weight: 110 lbs.How do I know which casket size is suitable for my pet?

      Please measure your pet’s length from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. Please measure the distance between your pet’s knees and the top of its back for width. For height, please measure the distance between the outside of one shoulder and the outside of the opposing shoulder.

      If I order today, when will it arrive?

      We provide second-day and standard shipping options for all products to customers in the United States. Please note that all orders placed will be shipped within 36 hours( except Saturdays or Sundays and holidays).

. Disclaimers: This product contains affiliate links ,which means i may receive a small commission , at no cost to you,if you make a purchase through a link .Shipping is free on all caskets.

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Pet Casket Elegance Series
Pet Casket Elegance Series
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