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Keepsake Urns are a type of urns that allows you to keep a small portion of your loved one close to you. They are also known as mini urns, small urns, or memorial urns. Keepsake urns are typically designed to hold a small number of ashes, usually cremated remains.
It is a wonderful way of having a piece of someone that has passed on.
Everyone has heard of keeping something in remembrance or keeping something close to your heart.
The keepsake urns allow you to keep some ashes close to your heart at all times.
It is very popular in the US and it is growing in Europe with the increase in the number of cremations with ash scattering urns becoming more popular in recent years.
It can be very difficult to lose someone you love, but when you have the memorial urns, it can help relieve some of the pain.
They can be used in lots of ways. A good way to use them is through the urn necklaces. This is where you keep some ashes in the necklace that is worn close to the heart. This can be used by both sexes and is often seen with men and women wearing the necklace with smaller key urns inside.

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