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TSA Approved Urns
TSA Approved Urns allow you to carry your loved one with you when traveling.
TSA Approved Urns are generally accepted when you fly with your urn, but it is highly recommended that you check with your airline prior to travel.
If you are traveling with cremated remains, the container must be in a sealed, leak-proof, and secure container in checked or carry-on baggage and be presented at the ticket counter.
Do not pack the cremated remains in your carry-on bag unless they will fit in a quart-sized, zip-top freezer bag.
If the cremated remains will not fit in a quart-sized zip-top freezer bag (a freezer bag with a zipper closure), then you can place them in your checked luggage, but they must be put into a leak-proof and secure container.
TSA Approved Wooden Caskets, Metallic Caskets and Urns made of brass/metal/marble/stone/glass/other materials will not be accepted and will be denied clearance.
If TSA discovers cremated remains during screening it is turned over to local law enforcement for further disposition.
TSA Approved Cremation Metal Urns, Biodegradable Urns, and Bamboo Caskets will undergo additional screening measures and may be subject to additional examination.

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